Consulting Services
Since 1979, Wdc has been an innovator in the design, development, construction and property management of housing for low and moderate income families, the elderly and persons with special needs. Wdc has a long history of providing consulting services to Rhode Island and Connecticut organizations. It has built housing using LIHTC, USDA funds, HUD 811, HUD 202, CDBG, HOME and other funds. Wdc is currently consulting on 4% and 9% LIHTC applications, affordable housing mixed use developments and Brownfield sites. Wdc also has expertise in green building and maximization of operations efficiency. Wdc can guide a project from site selection to completion of construction.

Call Carolyn Medina at 401-941-2900 regarding your project.
  • Site selection
  • Team selection
  • Financing applications
  • Affordable housing
  • Preservation/Refinancing
  • Design review
  • Construction supervision
Property Management Services
Housing Opportunities Corporation (Hoc) is a non-profit management corporation. Hoc manages Wdc’s owned properties and server as property manager for properties owned by other organizations. Wdc believes that comprehensive property management is critical from the initial planning stages of a project and throughout the property’s ongoing life. Hoc provides “hands-on” property management to ensure quality, permanent housing for families, the elderly and groups with special needs.

Call Susan Aitcheson at 401-941-2900 regarding property management services.
  • Financial Management
  • Physical Building Management
  • Administrative Management and Resident Services
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